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Trade and commerce has become a vital part in sourcing for the development of our country as well reflects the purpose of starting this community wellbeing to nourish our mother land. By this, we get a chance to explore different culture, heritage and tradition beyond the horizons and thus becomes a way to celebrate each day. We are happy to contribute to this noble business, and glad we are rising together as one.

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Santha Exports Established in 2014, is a reckoned business entity making available a wide range of products in the global markets. We deal with commercial to industries to households, deliver you the best staples around the globe. We don’t take excuses from our promises in providing our customers the quality services. Our expertise is set the way to store the goods cautiously, forward it efficiently and deliver it to your door step carefully.

With the ardent development of technology around the world which has given roots to the global markets. Even top brands depend on China, Japan and Germany as they possess strength in goods productions with a lot of advanced designs. We have direct deals with factories, manufacturers and suppliers and also branched our offices in different countries to make the business hassle-free. We also take our clients on business trip for factory visit.

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Santha Exports

Import Consulting

We provide detailed and comprehensive solutions to your unique business needs. It's not just importing, it's understanding the value that it offers, relating it to your vision and impacting your business goals with it.

International business

We arrange international Business trip, Trade trip, Expo Visit and factory visit.It's not just importing, it's understanding the value that it offers, market and impacting your business goals with it.

Trade and Logistics

Our consulting services will help you avoid delays and will streamline your supply chain giving your company the edge you need to compete in global markets.

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Why Santha Import / Export

  • We are open to any goods- from staples to interiors, Hall To Mall & from setting your factory to hospital.
  • We don’t have location barrier- open to any country to source you the goods
  • We have permits and are licensed for our trading business.
  • Timely services are our promise.
  • Good are professionally handled with proper invoices.
  • We are transparent, though being a private firm
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